We are never too old to build muscle! If you struggle to activate muscles, have a disability that makes it hard to activate your muscles? I would love to work with you.



Hi I am Sue,  I am nearly 53 years old and I love coaching people from all different levels! I became involved in the fitness industry back in 1987 when I was 20 years old. After becoming an Aerobic-Instructor I started to learn a lot about resistance training with weights and machines. I loved it so much it has become part of my life ever since, wake up and exercise and you will feel amazing for the rest of the day. I have been competing in Figure and Physique Bodybuilding Competitions throughout Queensland since 2014, which I enjoy very much. I think my next one will be when I am 61, so my friend Tracey Rawson and I can compete together.

I had always wanted to become a Personal Trainer and finally in March 2015 I became certified. HPC Certificate III and IV in Fitness, plus Advance Nutrition Level 1 & 2, Boxing for Fitness and Active Kids Trainer, prior to that I was always showing people the correct form and explaining what muscles that were being worked in exercise that they were doing.

Exercise will reduce anxiety, depression, build confidence, improve mood and it even makes you healthier.


If you are overweight - Or even Obese the doctor will say that you need to exercise! Obviously you need to clean up your eating too- No processed Foods- Basically Fresh only! If you have Anxiety - Depression- Arthritis and many other illnesses the medical advice is to exercise. It all makes sense to me, as I have needed to do exercise since I was very young and once I get my daily kick, I am all good. It improves your mood, increases energy levels, reduces musclar pain and improves circulation. Plus when your bodyfat reduces you will feel good about yourself when you look in the mirror and see that muscle definition starting to show.

I have been working with an amazing young boy (Bailey) who has celebral palsy 3 days a week since the COVID and he has been smashing goals every week fover zoom. I would love to work with a few more people disabled, obese or mental health issues. If you want to acheive goals, I know that I can assist you and I would love you to contact me, I am NDIS approved. 

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